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UK UFO sighting – Halewood, Liverpool 22nd August 2014

saw above me what at first appeared to be a large shooting star but was travelling horizontally towards the jaguar factory….

UK UFO sighting – Whitstable 20th August 2014

I immediately noticed a very large, bright, orange, slowly pulsating object that clearly seemed to be a UFO. The object was flying across the Thames Estuary, towards Tankerton and Whitstable. From the altitude of the UFO, I would say, the object seemed to be around 200 feet above the water….

UK UFO sighting – Compton Abbas Airfield, Shaftesbury 17/8/14

Some these shots leave me in no doubt that these images were without doubt a flying U.F.O!!! The shots were taken without me having a clue that we were not alone….

UFO Sighting – Loveland Ohio, 13th Aug 2014

…looked up toward the north and saw a orangeish red cylinder/rectangle moving at a steady speed toward the south east. No sound….

UK UFO sighting – West Coker 13th Aug 2014

Sat in the garden, looking at night sky the white-ish orange blob appeared out of nowhere and travelled at languid, steady speed and went towards another bright yellow/orange light before aligning perfectly and veering off again.

UK UFO sighting – Gt Bromley, North East Essex 9th Aug 2014

Details of Sighting Saw a steady white light from bedroom window moving from East to North in a slightly staggered movement at about helicopter height. We often have helicopters flying around us as Wattisham base is not far away. This was definately not helicopter and very strange as the light was highly visible going AWAY […]

UK UFO sighting – South Ascot, Berkshire 6th Aug 2014

Details of Sighting Walking the dog around 12pm, watched large white globe move very quetly across the sky from North to South direction. No sound so couldn’t have been a plane or helicopter.

UK UFO sighting – Pembridge, Herefordshire 12 July 2014

Details of Sighting I was cycling along the main road 9.10pm and turned into the Presteigne road and saw two strange pale lights moving in the Shobden direction