Archives for April 2014

UK UFO sighting – British Mountain, Talywain, Pontypool 15/3/14

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a turqoise blue ball in the sky, over Talywain/Pentwyn area…

UK UFO sighting – Gossford Hall, Essex 19/04/2014

I noticed a small bright orange shaped light hovering over the horizon toward the direction of Stanstead airport. The light caught my eye as it was moving in a completely unusual way exactly the way I had seen purported UFO footage…

UK UFO sighting – Hopton near Great Yarmouth, 18/4/14

I spotted a large orange light out at sea……this then moved up into the sky and remained stationary for several minutes….

UK UFO sighting – Brentwood, Essex 12/4/2014

I see a very large triangular object come in to view of the window. The object came from the east moving no faster than a aircraft then changed direction an headed south at a speed I can only describe as incredible….

UK UFO sighting – near Gatwick Airport 8,9 & 11th April 2014

This bright light has been there most of the last week. Looking to naked eye. When I started filming on video, I could see that there were 3 lights in a triangular shape…..

UK UFO sighting – Market Harborough 27/3/2014

A white light was seen in the distance while we were standing in our garden. At first we thought it was a fast moving plane but then it started to make alot of un-natural movements…..

UK UFO sighting – Upminster, Essex 09/04/2014

on this occasion I spotted a bright white light in the sky (east of my location) appeared to be a ball / bean / kidney shaped light and was much brighter than an aircraft or satellite or the ISS…..

UK UFO sighting – Westhoughton, Bolton 11th March 2014

I saw a huge triangle shaped object passed silently over me heading due east. The hairs are still standing on my neck and arms as I write this. The object has dim orange lights on each side in pairs. Maybe 4 sets down each side. The object was large, much larger than a plane…..

UK UFO sighting – Finchingfield, Essex 1st april 2014

i was just about to go to bed, looked out to back garden,mainly to see if there was a frost., and i noticed something circular hovering high up above the clouds,with red and white lights flashing off and on…