Archives for March 2014

UK UFO sighting – Near Bradford-on-Avon 15th Feb 2014

Driving between Batheaston and Bradford-on-Avon. I was aware of a bright white light to my right….

UK UFO sighting – Langdon Hills, Basildon, Essex 23/03/2014

As I nonchalantly gazed out of the window, a very bright circular ball shape suddenly came into view from the right of my window. It remained completely motionless, very clear and above the treeline, for approximately one minute…..

UK UFO sighting – Swaffham, Norfolk, UK

I was showing my 3 yr old son the Orion constellation and was pointing out orion’s belt then noticed it had FOUR stars….

UK UFO sighting – Ashford, Kent 16/3/14

Looking out of a window, saw what I thought at first was a red rocket appear from behind a roof, but it was too slow for a rocket…..

UK UFO sighting – Broxted, Dunmow 7/3/2014

Spotted what I originally thought was a star; it hovered just below the cloud line for around a minute, but then proceeded to move very quickly to the right, too quick to be a plane/helicopter…

Giant ‘being’ & UFO together on camera?

UK UFO sighting – Shrewsbury 28/2/14

We were driving though Shrewsbury Town on our way to Male Brace roundabout when we both noticed a big bright white light, hovering in the distance towards Bayston Hill….

UK UFO sighting – Ledbury 21/6/13

Looking towards Marcle Ridge on a clear dusk evening, the moon caught my eye. I thought there’s no moon tonight! I looked at it fully to see what it was and saw a white flat disc (moon like)
moving in an arc down. Surprised, I watched as it moved smoothly and then, it just blinked out. All in a few seconds.