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UK UFO sighting – Wakefield 24/2/14

I saw an orange glowing object about the height of a plane but moving way faster than I expected. It covered around 10 miles at ground level in 10 seconds I would say and left no trail behind it

UK UFO sighting – Trowbridge, Wiltshire

only to see what we thought to be a shooting star about 15 mins later this seemed much higher and going diagonally across the sky? As not convinced yet, plus living close to Salisbury planes…

UK UFO sighting – Exeter, Devon 12/2/14

I saw 2 stars-like objects moving across each other, i am pretty sure they are not planes cuz i stopped and watched them n there were no blinking lights, also they were moving slightly faster than normal planes, and i dont think planes would fly across each other that close?

UK UFO sighting – Bushey, Watford Aug 2013

I was with my husband driving up to the heath. We saw what looked like two strips of lights which looked like they were catamarand just above the trees. It was hovering. No sound. We had to go into a house then 10mins later when we came out it was still their just behind trees. We tried to get a better view but couldn’t. It reminded me of the one over the Chinese airport.

UK UFO sighting – Alderley Edge 1972/3

On approaching a bend in the road at the above location, I saw a bright cone-shaped UFO “parked” in a farmer’s field, just below the escarpment of Alderley Edge. I nudged my brother and pointed out the window. We both watched for a couple of seconds, entranced by the “craft”. The driver (a friend of my Mother’s) seemed oblivious, so we kept our mouths shut, not quite sure what we were seeing. As the car turned the bend I sensed we had “stopped” in time.

UK UFO sighting – Basildon, Essex 25th Jan 2014 – with video

Since my experience see Purfleet 10/10/13 i have seen many things in the night sky i cant explain but the main one that catches my eye for some time is i can only describe as a pulsating star