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UK UFO sighting – Bidston, Wirral, Aug 1996

As soon as we got there an absolutely Thick fog surrounded us !!! Then, before us we looked up and saw a ball of light move in an automated way in the shape of an anchor the distance from us was approx. Half a football pitch. The light source was WAY above any buildings but it was near us if you get what I mean. The atmosphere was electric. I said to steve ‘im going towards it, I started walking then steve said ‘can you hear that!’ We listened intently and we could hear something or someone running towards us (panting) It wasnt a dog !!! I know the sound of that animal. It sounded almost human like. Steve was terrified and I also lost heart we ran to the edge of the coarse and the thick fog dissapeared !

UK UFO sighting – Wirral, Merseyside late 1970’s

our sighting was as per worthing august 2012, we where hay baling in august the day was hot and the sky clear blue when three ovil bright lights came over Bidston hill heading towards Wales, i called my mates and we watched for some time as the passed over head not fast and very clear, there was absolutely no noise to be heard from the fields and no noise of engines from the triangular formation above us.just the shape and brightness of the objects.

UK UFO sighting – Worthing, West Sussex, Aug 2012

I woke up very early & feeling hot I got up & went to the kitchen to make some tea & as I went to fill the kettle the tap was by the kitchen window I could not believe what I was seeing! Above the rooftops behind my flat there were two rows of three identical craft…

Triangular craft visible on Moon photographs

UK UFO sighting – New Quay, Ceredigion 20/1/14

Walking down towards the quay monday night about 5-ish saw a weird orange globe over the sea close to the horizon . thought it was a boat or maybe a star or somthing but it then moved north toward aber so think it could have been a UFO. Anyone else saw this ?

UK UFO sighting – Headge End Southampton 9/1/14

Two small white round lights appeared from behind tree line, moving upwards to the right. at least 200 foot away (that is how far away the tree line is from where i was). one followed closely by the other, dissappeared behind cloud bank. visible for 2 – 3 seconds.

UK UFO sighting – Southampton 28/12/2013

I had been post-xmas sales shopping in Southampton during the day and on route home after just joining the M3 saw what could be described as 2 UFOs.

UK UFO sighting – Northampton 31/12/2013

I saw a slightly sparkly golden/orange light flying over the Duston area of Northampton. The time was around 6.45pm on new years eve.I think the light was flying roughly east to west. The height is difficult to estimate as it was pretty dark (I’m not good at estimating such things anyway!)

UK UFO sighting – Dumfries 25/12/2013

I happened to look out of the window of a flat which overlooked a darkened Lane. It was Christmas evening and in the near distance I could see the outline of the Parish Church. I then saw an object slowly (about 5mph) ascending into the sky and disappearing over the roof of the property I was in…

UK UFO sighting – Burbage, Leicestershire 31/12/2013

bright orange ball shape with fuzzy edges,moved parallel with Boyslade Road from south ish to north ish covering the sky line in some 2 minuets, it looked to be at low level with no noise at all.