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UK UFO sighting – Westcliff, Essex 09/12/14

…4 orb like spheres about 40ft above us circling and moving in and out in a square formation did this several times twisting and moving and then seemed to follow the way we were walking then disappeared .. no lights just smoke coloured grey blue spheres

UK UFO sighting – Whitehaven, Cumbria 10/11/2014

…it was dark and all that I could see of the larger craft as it passed slowly overhead in a southerly direction was four bright glowing orange oblong shaped things with lines across them like flap/shutter kind of things…

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UFO’s Caught on Film: Amazing Evidence of Alien Visitors to Earth

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UK UFO sighting – Waterloo, Liverpool 14/11/14

Bright light at first..thought it was helicopter but no sound…red and blue lights flashing the same as aeroplanes but hovering in a circle then hovering in same place for 20mins or so before flying off with all lights off apart from a blue light.

Howden Le Wear, Crook, County Durham 22/10/2014

…noticed number of very bright orangey lights in a pattern in sky, so puzzled I stopped the car half way down to get a better look n try and figure out what they were but they made NO sense at all..

UK UFO sighting – Whitstable 6/11/2014

…a UFO that looked bright orange in colour, hovering silently over Preston Parade. The UFO then seemed to pulsate and become much brighter. Then the UFO began slowly flying over Allan Road, towards Seasalter….

UK UFO sighting – Briston, Norfolk 24/10/2014

…there was a figure not bigger than a star keep dimming then it lit up lighter, started to ascend then disappeared. I looked this morning and there’s nothing as if it wasn’t there. It wasn’t a meteor of anything falling it was a static figure that went up….

UK UFO sighting – Lancashire 2006

Large torpedo shaped craft no wings, 3 times size of 747 airplane entered into the sky at an angle and seemed to make a turn and head south before going into some cloud and never came out.

UK UFO sighting – Newark, Nottingham 7th Sept 2014

I looked up there was three sphere like objects just hoovering , they were not there for long but it certainly felt they were observing something…