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UK UFO sighting – Sefton park, Liverpool 25th may 2013

There was three of us lying down in the park on a hot summers day when one of us noticed a formation of exactly 40 lights in the formation of a point like this ^ shape. the light at the top of the structure was the brightest and would occasionally fly off to other lights we could vaguely see in the sky and then quickly fly back to the formation.

UK UFO sighting – Hull 12/8/2013

Sat watching tv with Windows wide open. Saw a bright light above houses thought for a second it was a helicopter but then realised it wasn’t making any noise. It was silent. It was a bright flickering light moving slowly low across the sky which felt like about 500metres away. I had my head sticking out of the window watching it for around 4 minutes. It disappeared into the distance. I have no idea what it was. It wasn’t a helicopter.

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base

Annie Jacobsen is a nuts and bolts journalist who is more concerned with reporting facts rather than wild speculations.Therefore most of this book covers the history of nuclear bomb testing in the area 51 vicinity (a lot of the exposed truths about this are very shocking )and the development of stealth aircraft.

UK UFO sighting – Grimsby 18th Nov 2013

I was standing in the garden watching the sky’s like normal when 3 ufos flying in formation flew overhead. They was travelling at a good speed but were silent. They travelled at a course from roughly south to north . I recently saw 7 ufos flying in a v formation travelling from West to East. In both cases the ufos or lights are similar glowing orange to bright white with a hollow centre.

UK UFO sighting over Farnborough, Hampshire 21/8/13 + video

Taken (from a camera phone) at 21:42 on 21/8/13, what appears to be 3 orange lights floating (no movement) in the night sky.

Just as I started the camera recording, one of the lights flashes on, off, on, then off completely. The other two stay in place and did so until I stopped recording.

UK UFO events – Birmingham UFO Group Documentary Night 18/12/13

Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG) will be showing a UFO documentary, The UFO Experience. Chairman Dave will also go over the Ufological highlights of the year, and share details of their plans for next year. There will also be some free Xmas munchies available for all attendees and some raffle prizes up for grabs.

UK UFO sighting – Kings Langley, Hertfordshire 5th Nov 2013

It was circular shape but hollow in the middle. Lights were around the rim. It glided silently over Kings Langley as we watched it in our garden then it disappeared over the M25 area. It was higher in the sky than two planes we could see nearby, but the object was bigger than the planes.

UK UFO sighting – Bromyard 10/11/2013

Orange light traveling very fast toward Tenbury light went out and could just see black object anyone else see it?

UK UFO sighting – Peterborough 22/10/13 – new photo

Possible UFO Sighting?

I was standing in my garden casually looking up at the sky when I saw a very large bright white light moving at a moderate speed heading south west.

At first I thought it was just a satellite but the object stopped and hovered for about 5-10 seconds then continued to move at a much slower speed and then completely disappeared.

UK UFO sighting – Longnewton, Stockton-on-Tees 4th November 2013

I saw two bright white objects in the sky over longnewton on Sunday morning, they were present for about 20mins with no noise and just being there, were not aircraft or helicopters.