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UK UFO sighting – Kings Park, Glasgow 27/10/13

Was in a taxi on my way to a friends house and as the taxi was close to friends house I could see a blueish bright light and a little light very close to one another I thiught it was a plane as did the taxi driver. But as I kept watching it it began to descend into somebody’s garden then it disappeared out of my view.

UK UFO sighting – Hatherleigh 23/10/13

I have just seen a UFO out my velux window in my cottage in the centre of Hatherleigh. I looked out as I heard a loud whirring sound, quite low in pitch. I saw three lights in a triangle formation, greens yellow in colour. I could not tell how far apart they were, but as it went over the house I could see a dark greyish triangle shape between these lights. I would say it was travelling unusually low.

UK UFO Sighting – Brightlingsea, Essex 22/10/13

The evening saw heavy cloud cover. The sighting began with the dim yellow light increasing in clarity and ended with the dim yellow light decreasing in clarity.

I therefore believe that this sighting was representative of the object decreasing in altitude below the cloud cover (to make the object visible to someone on the ground) and then increasing altitude above the cloud cover (to make the object non-visible to someone on the ground).

UK UFO sighting – Burrowbridge 22/10/13

I saw flashes in the sky but it wasn’t lightening and for good 5 secounds i swear i saw a shape behind the flash a solid shape not a cloud

UK UFO sighting – Skegness, Lincolnshire 16/10/13

A group consisting of 6 people had been up on the beach for a qiite walk when we spoted 2 sets of stationary lights in pairs in the sky to the north-east of the wind turbinds on ingoldmells beach. We watched the lights go in and out of the mists for about 30 minutes.

UK UFO sighting – M3 North of Winchester / South of Basingstoke

Travellling North on the M3 we saw lights in the distance that we initially thought was aircraft going into Gatwick or even Lasham. As we got nearer it became clear that these we hovering and were in no way similar to aircraft lights.

UFO sighting video – Shropshire/Wales border, April 4th 2013

UK UFO sighting – Huyton, Merseyside, 15/10/2013

My daughter n I went outside for a cigarette wen she asked me what the lights were over midway rd wen I looked I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it was 2 large glowing lights about the size of 2 footballs they seemed to be joined together by something and the whole object from 1 light to the other was roughly 16 foot apart there was no noise n very low that it was just above the rooftops.

UK UFO sighting – North of Andover, Hampshire, 7/10/2013

Was driving up the hill and just as I got near to the top something flew across in front of me as low as the trees with a bright green light surrounding it like an aura and black in the middle, it was real fast like two shooting stars one after the other. I could not hear any noise, my daughter saw it too. I did not stop the car as it have us a fright and was quite scarey. It was an isolated area with no houses nearby.

UK UFO sighting – Purfleet, 10/10/2013

I was heading to an appointment running a bit late so i know it was around 8pm, I was using
my satnav as i have never been to the Purfleet area before. I took the A13 route and then took the Wennington/Rainhan A1306 turn off, As i got too the top of the junction to bear left for Purfleet etc there was a couple of vehicles in front waiting to exit, It was a clear night and whilst waiting ihappened to look up out of drivers side window and saw this huge craft, it did not seem like a plane and too big to be a helicopter.