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The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real-life Sightings

THE UFO FILES tells the story of over 100 years of UFO sightings, drawing on formerly secret government records at the National Archives. Alongside extraordinary reports by ordinary people it reveals details of official interest and investigations stretching back to before the First World War for although the terms UFO and Flying Saucer were not coined until the middle of the twentieth century, people have long seen things in the sky that they could not explain.

UK UFO sighting – Northumberland, England 21/9/13

Im 64, my wife 56. We had just started a weeks holiday at a place called Lowick in Northumberland and were in a caravan about 2 miles west of the village. A stunningly clear evening, no cloud. Jayne was looking out of the window that looks due East towards Holy island and the North sea and for some time had been facinated by an object stationary and flashing coloured lights, no sequence just red, blue, green, yellow and white continuosly.

UK UFO sighting Bournemouth, Dorset 27/9/13

Details of Sighting Was actually more interested in taking pictures of the bizare sunset at various points between six and eight pm. Left work at roughly six and whilst waiting for a taxi noticed the sun was blindingly bright. I live near the coast so walked to the cliff top to take pictures of a […]

UK UFO sighting – Birmingham City Centre 29/02/2012

Orange squares flashing across the sky. From South to North-West. NO footage since my phone is out of battery. The object changes colour from orange to blue-ish and fades to the colour of the sky. Probably other witnesses. A strange high-pitch whine, almost inaudible probably a police.

UK UFO sighting – Lairg, Sutherland, 21st Sept 2013

Big orange glow coming from the West. It stood out because it was so unusual and it was a perfect shape so I ruled out and atmospheric thing, I got my wife to come and look and we went in the garden, it was still coming from the West slowly descending then changed course heading North and rising, went into the distance but didn’t fade into a dot, it was there one minute then gone the next just like someone turning out a light, also no sound could be heard totally silent.

UK UFO sighting – Nuneaton 23rd Sept 2013

I was walking my dog and out of the corner of my eye . Saw a bright orange light I tried. To record it I ave a little bit but was very fast

UK UFO sighting – Barnsley, West Yorkshire 14th Sept 2013

3 orange coloured chevron shaped objects flying in a triangle formation ,no sound could be heard but they moved smoothly and fast across the sky from my right ot left then disappeared over the horizon ,it was a very clear night as I could clearly see the north star and the plough constalation in the sky .

UK UFO sighting – Waterlooville, Portsmouth 8th Sept 2013

I heard a loud like motorbike noise so I looked out my window and I saw a huge white light very low in the sky fly over I ran to the front of the flat to see it fly out of sight completely within 10 seconds now no air craft flys as fast as I sore this move and it defently not any type of spotter plane or military aircraft this was the real deal almost asif it was a big fire ball.

UFO sighting – Bournemouth, UK 4th Sept 2013

Noticed something silver caught in the sunlight and assumed it was a small aircraft. After a few moments I realised it was moving too slowly to be a small plane so assumed it was either a weather balloon of sorts or a microlight. It flew from the south northwards in a straight line without noise or flashing lights and at a guess I would think approx 7000 ft.

UK UFO sighting, Harwich,Essex 2nd Sept 2013

I couldnt get to sleep and i lay on my bed staring out of my bedroom window and i saw a hazy orange light out the window, at first it looked a bit like a chinese lantern but as i concentrated on it more i could make out a pair of green and red lights flashing bleepbbleep and it was just hovering there (ther wasnt whiring soun so it wasnt a helicopter) and all of a sudden it verticaly went up around 25m off ground and over my house andas it did make out a teardrop shaped UFO.