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UK UFO sighting – Devon 12/8/13

we were looking out for the meteor shower and saw a few plus some satellites , then over from plymouth towards saltash there looked like a strip of lights, too many for a plane and wasnt a helicopter either, we are adamant what we saw and it hovvered for a while and shot off out of sight, we immediately posted it on facebook and then loads of other witnesses came forward

UK UFO sighting – Wells, Somerset 13 August 2013

Flickering yellowy-orange light floating in sky above rooftops in the west. No noise. Did not look like meteor, satellite or ISS. Seemed to be “bobbing” as if floating on water. after 20 mins it seemed to change and appeared to have a faint haze around it with 3-4 lines radiating out (a bit like a jellyfish). Second object rose up from direction of ground, moved toward first object and then veered off southwards, fading to nothing. First object went back to being a flickering, bobbing light, still in same part of sky. After 30 mins of watching it was still there but nothing further occurred .

UK UFO sighting New Malden 13/8/13

While out in garden with friend watching the Meteor Shower, there was three very strange sightings.

The first sighting travelled in a Southerly direction. We can only describe it as a ghostly looking Boomerang shape, it was much slower that the shooting stars and was visible for about 8-10 seconds.

UK UFO sighting – Addingham West Yorkshire – 7/8/9th aug 2013

Looking south from Addingham over Addingham Moorside towards Bradford there was a hazy grey/silver shape, roughly circular, which moved from left to right for 5 seconds, returned along the same path to its starting point where it remained stationery for a further 5 seconds before moving left again as before.

UK UFO sighting – Reading 12/8/13

Was walking home looking for signs of foretasted meteor shower and noticed a brighter than usual star, thought it might be a planet as it was not flickering and seemed to grow in intensity. I stopped walking as I realized it was moving overhead and there were no flashing beacons to depict an aircraft of any type and definitely no sound as it rode above me. After peaking brightness of a really intense star like glow and moving a similar pace to an aircraft, it started to fade (not with the Earths curvature) but it dimmed and dissipated. there was no tail or burn out ….so what was it eh?

UK UFO sighting Barnetby Le Wold 9/8/13

Non-flickering white light moving at a constant 60-70mph toward the direction of Grimsby and the east coast at 22.20, Friday 19th August 2013. Too low to be a satellite. No sound.

UK UFO sighting – Laughton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire 10/8/13

Small cloud like bright light hovering , then splitting into two. These cloud like lights continued to move quickly and dance about. There was no noise attached to this occurance. They stayed in one area for a while then moved over towards the village of Scotter.

UK UFO sighting – Gedney, Lincolnshire 3/8/13

I have just spent the weekend at Laurel Park camp site in Gedney, Lincolnshire near Long Sutton. There were lights that danced about directly above the camp-site forming triangle shapes. They moved very fast….

UFO sighting Budapest, Hungary 6/8/13

I looked out on the window and I caught sight of a bright and white point on the sky at the dusk. It moved slowly, without noise to east. I didn’t know what it is, so I took my camera and zoomed to it. It accurately seemed a bright white circle disk.

UK UFO sighting – South Devon 26/7/13

An orange light that I thought was the ISS travelling from west to east. It then appeared to change direction to a northerly track, slow down and the light fade out.