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UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn’t Want You to Know

This book is filled with unexplained hard to dispute accounts of unknown objects that were encountered by the world’s best and brightest pilots , military people and other high ranking government officials. This is not a book written about the dream state imaginary encounter of a lost lonely soul- this is a book filled with event after event of those I feel are impossible to dismiss.

UK UFO sighting – Leamington Spa 29/6/13

I was having a cigarette looking at the sky from my boyfriend’s bedroom window when I noticed an odd bright moving light in the sky to my left. I called over my boyfriend to see it and we watched as it moved slowly through the sky, then it suddenly changed direction and went overhead and behind us.

UK UFO sighting, Victoria Park, London 5th June 2013

I spotted an object in the sky over Victoria Park London on 5th Jun 2013. When looked through the camera viewfinder I could make out an intensely illuminated object; white in colour. I couldn’t discern a shape or in deed hear any sound coming from it.

The object very slowly drifted across the sky from east to north east over the 2 hour period of the sighting. I estimate it was between 15 and 20,000 miles up and no more than 300 yards away from my position. I left the park with the object still hovering in the sky.

Welsh UFO sightings in latest release of Ministry of Defence files

The latest release of Ministry of Defence files detailing UFO sightings around Wales include a close encounter involving the South Wales Police helicopter.

Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline Project

A.M.M.A.C.H. has been set-up to help people experiencing alien abduction, being contacted by other beings of this or some other dimension, or experiencing anomalous mind management,and provides them with support and understanding in the first instance.

UFO Sightings Cusco Peru – Machu Picchu 10/22/2010

This UFO sighting was taken from a plane in flight from Lima Peru to Cusco Peru en route to Machu Picchu Peru.

Footage captures UFO hovering above Cheltenham

This UFO was there most of the night if not all of it, in the same spot, was completely silent and seemed to change colour from blue to yellow to red – you can see a bit of this as the camera zooms in. Any movement you do see is camera shake.

UK UFO sighting – Dumfries 7/6/13

2 lights looked like stars but moving very slow in different directions seemed to change shape from a circle to a long reddish line watched for about 3 mins then vanished.

UK UFO sighting Ossett, West Yorkshire 7/6/13

Walked out of back door into garden, saw bright light approx 300m above ground approaching from south, nearly collided with airplane, few seconds later saw 5 orbs manifest from approx 100m above ground then follow the firsty light, all lights continued to move in a NNE direction. Over next 2 hours watched approx 8 more pass overhead, none could have been more than 400m above the ground, moving fairly swiftly. Silent, bright white lights.

I took a few videos on my camera, one video captures small light for few seconds, best video captures 3 lights for few seconds but quality poor.

UFO sighting Stoke on Trent 7/6/13

Two bright star light objects travelling at high speed broadly in an arc shaped movement on different trajectories from the south east towards the north. It was a clear night. Stars were visible. Not aircraft as no running lights – also off established flightpath. Intensity of illumination remained the same throughout. Appeared higher altitude than usual aircraft and moving much faster – though not as fast as a shooting star! Disappeared out of sight in distance. Whole thing lasted about 40 seconds – seen also by my wife. Did not appear to be low orbit satellite due to speed and trajectory.Sighting time is approximate (+/- 20 minutes). Genuinely puzzled and keeping my eyes peeled from now on.