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Strange Daytime UFO Tucson AZ

Triangle UFO near Manchester

UFO sighting Dumfries, Scotland 1/05/13

watching satalite while outside smoking for about two minutes,definately too high for a plane,then it stopped moveing for a moment and then turned rappedly.then it stopped again and gave one very large pulse of light,like it grew in size,then it went back to normal size and moved of in another direction at a higher speed.

UFO sighting Wirral, UK, 8th may 2013

Green/white ball,no trail and then changed direction heading towards north Wales but then suddenly disappeared.

UFO sighting Devon, 08/05/13

A bright blue/green almost neon light tracking along the sky! It did not appear to have a tail! It also did not appear to be very high! It tracked across the sky for about 3 seconds before disappearing behind a cloud! It travelled horizontally across the sky from east to west!

Airliner ‘had narrow miss with UFO’ over Scotland

The object passed directly beneath the aircraft before either of the crew members had time to take avoiding action or had “really registered it”, although they both agreed that it appeared to have been blue and yellow or silver in colour with a small frontal area, but that it was “bigger than a balloon”.