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Second Baltic Sea UFO Object Discovered

Strange Cloud Phenomenon In Mexico, UFO?

UFO sighting in Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Paihia man Rob Clarke has no time for theories about little green men and swears the strongest thing he drank was a cup of tea – but he’s stumped by the lights he saw travelling across the sky on Sunday night.

Mr Clarke went outside his Te Haumi home about 9.40pm to see if rain was coming. Instead he saw a pair of lights travelling slowly across a clear sky from south to north, starting in the direction of Opua and disappearing some three to five minutes later over the hill towards Russell.

Black triangle-shaped objects’ reported by several witnesses in Michigan

Several witnesses reported seeing “black triangle-shaped objects.” In California, a witness illustrated what he and his grandmother witnessed one strange night on the road.

“You could actually see the triangle shape of the object,” witness David Levy was quoted saying.

Cylindrical entity hovers over Arizona dump

What did a witness see and report to the Mutual UFO Network database on 15 January 2013? The sighting took place in Casa Grande, Arizona. The witness reported a cylindrical shaped object or entity that has been associated with the alien spacecraft of the genetically engineered descendants of dinosaurs.

UFOs Filmed near Nasa’s International Space Station

Unidentified flying objects have been spotted a few hundred miles above the Earth’s surface by Nasa cameras. The objects were captured near Nasa’s International Space Station (ISS) on the U Stream camera. The film was then uploaded to YouTube by user Streetcap1.

Incredible NASA UFOs 2012 HD

A video compilation of some of my favourite UFOs from the NASA archives. For me this proves beyond doubt that NASA is continuing to deceive the people of the world about an Extraterrestrial presence. All footage has had some subtle filtering added by me, as the quality was not very good, other than that no altering of any footage has been done.

Security camera captures alien activity over Texas

Witness Report: “My father works in an oil company here in Texas, and they had noticed that some people were taking the crude oil in the night,” the witness stated. “So they started putting cameras up around the areas. One night one camera caught a UFO.” The witness explains that the photo had been circulated, […]

UFO sightings reported in north Queensland

Several people in the tiny tropical town of Cardwell have reported seeing unidentified lights in the evening sky. At least four residents in the coastal area, 165 kilometres north of Townsville, told The Townsville Bulletin they witnessed what they believed was a UFO.

Expert claims Manchester is ‘hotspot’ for UFOs

Greater Manchester is a hotspot for UFOs, a leading paranormal expert claims. And Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that there have been a number of reports of ‘unexplained’ sightings of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) last year.