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Rash of UFO sightings continues over central Island

The sightings of strange, unidientified objects flying over central Vancouver Island continue to pour in, says B.C. UFO researcher Brian Vike.

The latest sighting, he said, was spotted over French Creek on Oct. 13, just after midnight.

The witness, whose identity Vike keeps in strict confidence, said she was laying in bed with her eyes closed at about 12:15 a.m.

“For some reason, I opened my eyes, perhaps because the bedroom was lit up with a very bright light, florescent, but different — brighter — coming through the closed blinds,” he witness said. “There was no moon and it was raining. I have a large vacant area on the south side of my house and went to look out that window. Then the light went out.”

Family claim UFO spent four hours hovering above their Scottish home

A family has spoken of the terrifying moment they saw a UFO hovering above their house for four hours.

Morag Ritchie, 50, was awoken in the middle of the night by flashing lights in the sky over the family home in rural Scotland.

The grandmother-of-one woke her family up and her daughter’s fiance caught the shocking images of four blinking lights on video.

V-Shaped UFO Reported Over Texas

A woman was surprised to see a V-shaped UFO flying above her as she was driving with her boyfriend and daughter in Hurst, Texas.

Motoring along the Trinity Boulevard exit near the Trinity River she spotted a single blue light hovering above a nearby tree line during the evening hours.

According to the Examiner, she stated, “I noticed just a bright turquoise light floating in the sky, and no other lights around it. Whatever it was coming off of was very dark.”

Man photographs ‘UFO’ floating in the clouds moments before ten dead birds appear in garden

A UFO-like object floating in the clouds was caught on camera on the same day ten dead birds were found in a nearby garden.

Real UFO on Mars captured by NASA rover

Authentic flying craft of alien origin filmed from the surface of Mars by Curiosity rover after landing. Could this be an extraterrestrial technological space ship or martian wild-life – or some strange weather phenomena or something else?

UFOs captured over MEXICAN VOLCANO on National TV | October 11, 2012.

A couple of UFOs captured during a national television news broadcast in MEXICO on October 11, 2012. UFOs captured on live-cam. News anchor Lopez Doriga is baffled by this sighting. UFOs often fly in and out of volcanoes, specially during high volcanic activity. Seems that UFOs either hide in volcanoes or are attracted to the high levels of magnetic activity. Either way, there you have it. Aircraft do not fly that fast. Judge for yourself. Footage needs further analysis but it was broadcast live on national TV.

Military jets follow UFO activity over California

Fewer than 1000 souls live in Mendocino, California, but they are used to seeing stars. Numerous movies and whole slew of episodes of the TV show Murder, She Wrote were filmed there, giving the residents of this small coastal town the opportunity to rub shoulders with the glitterati. But recently, they have been seeing stars of a different sort.

On October 25th, 2012, The Canadian reports that Dave Williamson provided testimony to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) that he and his girlfriend were driving north on Highway 1 toward town of Mendocino close to midnight. “I saw two aircraft blinking in night sky,” he told them, “flying in tight formation.” He pointed them out to his girlfriend who asked whether they could be refueling. “we’re so close to Fort Bragg,” Williamson pointed out, “that I have seen that sort of thing before.”

Cylindrical UFO Videotaped By Kentucky Amateur Astronomer

Several eyewitnesses in different areas of eastern Kentucky reported seeing a strange, cylindrical UFO hover for two hours in clear skies last week, but an amateur astronomer’s striking video and images of the object are now coming to light.

Secret 5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovery

It is claimed that a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!

London 2012 Olympics UFOs as lightning strikes Wembley Stadium 29 july 2012