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UFO spotted among fireworks at Olympics opening ceremony

As fireworks lit up the heavens above the Olympics opening ceremony, watched by around a billion people, something else was seen among the whizz-bangs in the night sky… a UFO.

It may have ticked all the cliche boxes – saucer-shaped, bulge in the middle, metallic – but no one has yet stepped forward to explain the slow-moving object.

The incident came right at the close of last Friday’s spectacular at the Olympic Park stadium in Stratford, east London at around 12.30am.

And it was just as Nick Pope, one of the UK’s top UFO experts, predicted only weeks ago – that mass summer events would be a prime time for crafts from other worlds to present themselves to mankind.

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Two Olympic UFOs Confirmed? 2012 HD “UPDATED”

UFO sighted over Carlton Gardens in central Melbourne

A MELBOURNE man has captured footage of what he claims to be another UFO hovering across the city skyline.

The three-minute clip was recorded as the UFO hovered over Carlton Gardens last night.

Tod, who did not want his surname published, said he captured the footage on his phone after he first saw the object about 9.30pm.

UFO on Google Street View?

A strange thing appears when you search for Jacksonville, Texas on Google Maps. If you select street view and pan around you’ll see an unusual floating object with a familiar shape.

It was pointed out to us in an email from Andrea Dove. She lives near Houston and was getting directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville when she stumbled on the image.

You don’t even have to put in a street; just Jacksonville, TX., and go to street view, then pan around, and there it is: a thing that I don’t know what it is. It looks like something from a low-budget 1950s flick.

Triangle UFO Spotted Over Daraa, Syria

Why would there be UFOs above Syria? That is the question on people’s minds after a triangle formation of glowing orbs was filmed flying over the city of Daraa Friday.

These lights might be from military aircraft; however, there is no way to know for certain. The nation of Syria is embroiled in a vicious civil war right now, and these orbs could easily have been a formation of Air Force jets on a mission. Is this video proof there is life elsewhere in the universe?

US accused of UFO cover-up by former USAF colonel

LAS VEGAS — A former colonel with the United States Air Force has accused the U.S. of covering up evidence related to extraterrestrial visitations.

Col. Charles halt said at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum in front of an audience of 200 people that he is “firmly convinced there’s an agency, and there’s an effort to suppress.”

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