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Georgia witness describes holographic-like UFO

A child witness reports UFO activity over New York on 23 July 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database that was filed on 23 July 2012.

Files show UFO Stump mystery

IN THE early hours of October 5, 1996, police in Boston and Skegness received reports from concerned residents who had spotted mysterious lights shining over The Wash.

‘Invisible UFOs’ fill the skies

You might have thought a defining characteristic of a UFO would be visibility. But thanks to zealous alien hunters doggedly scanning the sky with night-vision cameras, a new class of flying objects that only emit infrared light has emerged from the darkness. Are they spies from the great beyond?

UFOs in NASA imagery

Obvious ufos in NASA images. Are they extraterrestrial? Government black ops?

UFO Sighting on 2011 in Brazil amazing ufo evidence

UFO Sighting May 20th 2012 Stouffville Ontario Canada

On May 20th 2012 five of us witnessed what we feel was a UFO sighting. It was definitely not an airplane, helicopter, comet, meteor, asteroid, flares, fireworks, balloon, fighter jets or anything else that I’ve seen before. There were no engine noises – totally silent. I have no idea what it was, but I know what it wasn’t. We saw two extremely bright red lights coming from the north of where we live. They moved in unison, as if attached to something larger, they headed southwards, turned to the west, and the disappeared – just like someone dimmed the lights and then turned them off.

UFO Disclosure 2012, UK Government

The UK Government has released a selection of files from 1965 to 2008. They make for interested reading but they are not the entire archives.
View the files in PDF here:

UFO in sky over ireland 2012

ufo in sky over ireland Unidentified Flying Object 2012

Two fast moving UFO’S Scotland ufo January 2012

New sighting of Two fast moving ufos caught on video in Scotland.Recorded on a dashboard mounted camera from one of the scottish mountain rescue teams.uploaded today january 2012

New X-files shed light on ‘alien’ sightings

A spectral Luftwaffe World War II jet over Gower, questions about Anglesey’s nuclear plant, and terrified Flintshire motorists. These are just three of the cases uncovered in files released by the National Archives examining UFO sightings across Wales.