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UFO: Halifax witness reports silvery alien-like probe

A Halifax witness reports seeing a silent white or silvery disk shaped object on 22 March 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

UFO over St. Petersburg, Russia. April 9, 2012

Most of the strange light formations were seen and videotaped by many people in and around Russia’s second-largest city, including one ball-shaped object seen hovering above St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport.

New ‘UFO near the Sun’ NASA photo re-ignites old speculations

UFO enthusiasts say the photo is proof of an alien spacecraft equipped with technology that can withstand intense heat of the Sun. Live Science reports that a blogger describes the “alien spacecraft” parked near the Sun as a “metallic,

Strange Light in Hamilton, Ontario – April 15 2012

The “Strange Light” was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, in HD on Sunday night, April 15, 2012. Hamilton, Ontario is on the shores of Lake Ontario, west of Toronto and north of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Did Nasa satellite capture giant UFO surfing the surface of the sun?

A strange object flying close to the sun looks unnervingly like a huge, metallic ‘mothership’ familiar from Hollywood blockbusters.

The picture was released by Nasa’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, known as SOHO – and has become an immediate cult hit on the internet.

UFO fan site Gather News said: ‘An unusually shaped, gigantic UFO was spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and posted in a video on YouTube.

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Security Camera Captures ‘Men In Black’ After UFO Sighting

According to those employees who talked to the men, they described them as tall, with extremely pale skin and no visible facial hair. Including no eyebrows and no eyelashes. Their eyes were described as being “so big and so blue, that they almost hypnotized..”

UFO or Orb Color Display-Caught on Tape

UFO or Orb Color Display-Caught on Tape

UFO or Orb Color Display

Could this be proof of UFO hovering above Gloucester?

Could this be proof of a UFO hovering above Gloucester? A Gloucester Citizen reader has shared video footage of a baffling object in the night sky.

Alabama witnesses report UFO orbs, human-like entity manifests

UFOs are “Unidentified Flying Objects”. Is it possible that some UFOs are life forms? John Todd once suggested that UFOs or ‘orbs’ can also be lower and interdimensional entities that can shape-shift. Alabama witnesses reveal encounters with UFO orbs.

UFO Caught on Tape at Skate Park

Accidental UFO Caught on Tape at Skate Park

A silver, disc-shaped saucer UFO was accidentally caught on video by a skateboarder making a promo video at a skate park in Canada. What is it? The video posted here is an out-take clip from the original filmed at the McKinney Skate Park in Ontario.