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Hunters see UFOs in Serra de Grandola, Portugal

This event took place on the evening of 31 August of this very same year, 2012. I was in the company of two friends, both of them hunters, who saw exactly the same thing. We live in Grandola, and hunt wild boar for sport in Serra de Grandola and Santiago do Cacém. I have been […]

FAA alerted to strange UFO filmed outside plane window

A weird, “fist” shaped UFO was caught on video by a passenger on a flight from New York City to Houston on Dec. 19. The unidentified flying object does not appear to be a reflection from inside the cabin and changes shape, even disappearing suddenly, during the startling two-minute video posted to YouTube on Thursday, […]

Nick Pope predicts alien UFO intervention in 2024

Former British Defense Ministry UFO project leader Nick Pope has boldly predicted that aliens will reveal themselves to humans no later than 2024, and might even land on the White House lawn, just like in the movies. Or, they may just send an email. What makes him so sure?

BIG UFOs near the Sun – December 20, 2012.

Huge UFO Inside Massive Space Bubble 2012 HD

Very strange anomaly caught by SOHO. A huge transparent bubble or possible force field with an unknown object inside of it, object and bubble are travelling in unison together.

UFO sighting – Clearwater, Florida, USA Dec 18th

I stepped out on the veranda just before dinner and looked up to see the crescent moon in a crystal clear sky. Just below it, an object at several thousand feet was flying straight south. At first it appeared to be a jet but I noticed there was no sound. I began to think it was a Satilite because it had no flashing lights but was about the brightness of the star Sirius which had just risen to the east. Then suddenly it stopped. Motionless for a couple of seconds then abruptly turning in a circle the size of a dime then headed straight up shrinking and disapearing into the black sky after about five seconds.

UFO Japan 2012 Tokyo – Japan

Japanese Government Official Confirms Partial Recovery Of Crashed UFO

A high level Japanese government official with knowledge of the recent UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa agreed to speak with regarding the salvage operation under the condition that we do not divulge his name. The source today confirmed the Japanese Navy has partially recovered a large chunk of the foreign vessel.

Nasa camera captures ‘fire-ball’ over Texas

Video footage of a “fire-ball” flashing in the sky over Texas has been captured by a Nasa camera.

The camera picked up the flash from Nasa’s Meteoroid Environment Office in New Mexico. It was reported to have been seen from as far away as Houston and Louisiana.

UFO sighting near Cyber Pearl, Hitec City, Hyderabad

Just saw a triangular ball of yellow light in the sky moving at a speed faster than a plane. The shape of the light was not exactly triangular, but somewhat appeared to be so. No sound was observed. The light glowed and did not blink as would appear when a plane went across the sky. Surprisingly in the pictures I took with my mobile camera, the object appears to be changing shape!! Please see the pictures for yourself