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Latest UK UFO Sightings

UK UFO sighting – Sutherland, North of Lairg 27/10/19

In the scottish highland. Just arrived home after a day of hunting, sitting outside with my father drinking a beer (the first of the day, dont worry) Something in the starry sky caught my attention, a “star” it looked no different than the stars around it, same size same brightness. The “star” was moving in a straight line across the sky, i was confused and asked my father next to me what that might be. I was pointing at the “star”, my dad noticed it. About two seconds later the star did a very strange maneuver going the totally other direction for a couple seconds, then suddenly it stopped it didn’t just slow down. It completely stopped.

UK UFO sighting – Braintree, Essex End Octoer 2014

I got up late. Looked out of my bedroom window and couldn’t believe my eyes. Above the trees a UFO moved along, quiet, still, like an air balloon. So huge I couldn’t believe my eyes. I closed my eye thinking I was day dreaming, but when I opened my eyes again it was still there. Silently, moving along.

UK UFO sighting – Maldon, Essex 26/3/17

At around 21.30 tonight high in the western sky I saw a static red light in the sky, I watched it for 3-4 minutes it then turned green. It again did not move for 1-2 minutes then disappeared, it didn’t move away it was just gone. I called my husband over and he too saw it. I am completely baffled! The light/s were very bright and solid and appeared to be extremely close or a strip of light. It then simply vanished.