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Latest UK UFO Sightings

UK UFO sighting – Maldon, Essex 26/3/17

At around 21.30 tonight high in the western sky I saw a static red light in the sky, I watched it for 3-4 minutes it then turned green. It again did not move for 1-2 minutes then disappeared, it didn’t move away it was just gone. I called my husband over and he too saw it. I am completely baffled! The light/s were very bright and solid and appeared to be extremely close or a strip of light. It then simply vanished.

UK UFO sighting – A303, Thruxton 21/03/2017

…in the distance up high I could see helicopters ahead and slight to left of me; then, suddenly much higher in the sky a huge (about same as 4 helicopters together – given the distance it was from the helicopters) opaque white oval shape heading downwards SO quickly with the end of the oval pointing towards ground…

UK UFO sighting – Ardleigh Green, London 1995-1996

as I neared the lights at Ardleigh Green there was a very bright flash of light in the, it was so bright it instantly made me look up even though I was driving. As I looked up I saw an enormous object hovering above the ground, probably about 500 feet or so up, It was very very large and appeared to be roughly diamond shaped with very bright lights making out the rough shape of it.